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The 10 Most Important Things In The World Right Now
Dina Spector,

Good morning! Here’s what people will be taking about on Monday.

1. Israel pulled most of its ground troops from Gaza on Sunday, though “with Hamas officials vowing to continue their fight, it remains uncertain whether Israel can unilaterally…


Guess who’s under the BORSALINO  

ph. Charley 

MFW Day 3 

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Great Look!

Lifted: Motivation > Relationships

The art of being alone is a diligent practice of avoidance, selfishness and denial. Not being alone as in  being single or with out a mate, but the kind of alone that causes one not to see the value of building lasting partnerships with others. I believe success seeks out those who have a synergistic mindset. People who can merge their personality with the ways of others to produce a masterpiece. Sometimes its about finding the right fit for your puzzle piece. Yes, Its true, not everyone is a people person but i  even the Grinch had his little side kick dog.

The struggle with relationship is distinguishing between which one’s add an which one’s subtract. I view relationships like arithmetic. While you may have many friends and acquaintances, like a complex math equation, who gets first priority is all based on who has the parentheses. Who have you valued more than any one else and is that person worth that place in your life?

Personally speaking not all of my relationships yield me the same results. Some relationships are simply entertainment and may not add  significant substance to the overall success of who i am. Now, having a good laugh with a friend is vitally important however would you have wanted to spend your life laughing or laughing while accomplishing your goals and realizing your dreams?

At the end of the day you want your life to trend vertically. Your commitment to a great life gives you the responsibility to build those fledgling relationships or discard the partnerships that make your dreams vague and obscure. You choose!

Simply put. “No man is an Island” however you must choose wisely what individuals you let accompany you on this island  vacation called life.



Motivation for the journey #RockitLife #hthllc


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Living in the land of missing “Thank You’s”

It is said that people will do for appreciation what they won’t do for money. In recent years I’ve come to believe this saying completely. Not to infer that I am the richest man in the world but i am able to meet my obligations with room for comfort. My God given station in life affords me the options to learn new skills and invest into those skills to yield returns not just for myself but also for those around me. Here is the quagmire: like some of you, giving to others with nothing in return is the spirit in which we give however when what we give is worth compensation ; at least a “thank you” is warranted.

The Lesson

What do you do when there are no kudos and no thank you’s? You thank the almighty for a little bit of practice on a gift that he endowed you with and then toughen your skin. Your season of recognition for professional efforts is soon to come and the moments of past use are the simple stepping stones to which you’ve  used to climb your mountain of success!


Rock Mitchell

"Rockit Life"